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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Were Never Being Boring

"The Borderline patient's boredom is hungry and restless. There is a driven quality to it, or as one therapist said "These people are walking responses looking for a stimulus"...the Borderline patient's boredom can quickly turn into a subjective sense of emptiness that is painful and distressing" (Becoming A Constant Object - In Psychotherapy With The Borderline Patient)

Reading a review of the above book did nothing to reassure me that the stigma about BPD patients has lessened. My own shrink laughed when he said "Lots of doctors don't commit to therapy with Borderline Patients as it's just too challenging". Oh, it sucks to be them (except when it's time to give me the $250 bill per session). A sponsored link on the review lead me to The Teddy Bear Therapy Centre - a psychology centre in my own city where (contrary to my fervent hope) the shrinks are not dressed in bear suits, nor do they seem to offer teddy bears for stress-relieving beheadings or dismemberments.

And people wonder why I am losing my mind hahahahahaha!


Wandering Coyote said...

Great, more alarmist literature about BPD. Just what we all need.

Jena said...

Stigma is awful. If it's not for one thing, it's for another. Lately, I've been finding it in more and more places. :(