Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself


Friday, June 17, 2011

always the young to fall

Thanks to Linda, the lovely owner of the blog Blue Skies, Coudy Days, and clever Pixie from Cloud Illusions, politics has been on my mind. I'm not one for soap boxing, or discussing politics at all really. I tend to agree with Linda, who says that politics these days is about "lies and greed", but I also agree with her comment that veterans deserve respect and admiration for their sacrifice and bravery. It seems that now, even more than in the Vietnam Era, pointless and foolish conflicts are taking lives all over the world. Australians, along with people, mostly young people, from other countries. have recently lost their lives in Afghanistan.

After hearing the Buffy Sainte-Marie song at Linda's blog I was inspired to share my own protest song from the same 1960s era - I Ain't Marching Anymore by Phil Ochs. Phil's basic premise in this song is that if we all say "No" when asked to go to war, then there can be no war. Unfortunately, there are enough poor, disenfranchised, aimless, patriotic and aggressive souls out there at the moment to keep war going...

The way I fell in love with Phil Ochs was through my former love and soulmate I. Oliver. Once I learnt more about Phil I cared for his music even more. He was a prolific and passionate singer songwriter who fell into mental disarray in the 1970s. An alcoholic, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Phil eventually committed suicide in 1976 when I was six years old - many years before my American boyfriend introduced me to him on an old eight track of his dad's.

Thanks Linda (and the original post at Blog Fodder) for reminding me about protest, sacrifice, and the potential we humans have for changing the world. To quote Linda : Those of us who still believe in social justice, freedom, and caring for our fellow beings around the world, can still come together and change things.

Power to the people indeed.


Linda said...

Wow Lil, this is really kind of you to mention my blog. "just give peace a chance" John Lennon of course.
Gotta love Phil Ochs also.
I hope you are well, or better.

Pixie said...

Lovely post Lil, and well said. xx

Jen Daisybee said...

Thanks so much for posting that video, Lil! That's an awesome song. I wasn't familiar with Ochs, but I love it! I've been involved in numerous anti-war marches, especially a few years ago when I lived near Washington D.C. You might like David Rovics, one of my favorite musicians, who is really amazing with his protest songs. Check it out! I've seen him in person twice and have a lot of his music. Power to the People is Right On!

Sairs said...

I hear it's your birthday... Happy Birthday gorgeous, hope you had a good day :)

Clueless said...

I haven't heard this before, but I love it...I love that period of civil rights and protests...I would have been right in it.

Now, I'm starting to get involved in another disenfrancized group, LGBT. For the last twenty years, I've worked with developmentally disabled adults and children, but mostly adults when they stop receiving lots of attention because they are no longer "cute."