Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself


Thursday, July 21, 2011

dancing with myself

Since I last wrote a few things of note have happened.

1. I went to hospital with what turned out to be a gallbladder attack. I have gallstones, lots of them, and will probably have to have the gallbladder out sometime in the next year. Because of my weight being over 120kg I can only be operated on in the two largest public hospitals in Perth which means an extended time on the waiting list. Or I wait until my private health insurance matures in March 2012. Hopefully I can just avoid another attack. It was the most excrutiating pain. One of my BFs (who has four kids and had her gallbladder out last year) says it's a pain worse than childbirth.

2. Neil and I went out to dinner to celebrate one year together! I had a smallish steak and salad and a cocktail, which didn't interrupt my healthy eating plan too much. So far (almost 3 weeks) I've lost 5kg, which is something to celebrate too.

3. Mood wise, I have been hanging in there. Weirdly, or perhaps not so weird, it seems that eating better has improved my state of mind. Probably the extra dosage of Cymbalta is also working. Needless to say, the suicidal thoughts and desperate jitters have subsided and I haven't needed to take a Valium for a couple of weeks now. Phew. Crisis averted?

4. I saw on Catherine's Marmite on Toast blog that she had a link to her 43 Things. Having wanted to do a "Bucket List" for a while, I took the opportunity to copy the lovely Catherine and do my own 43 Things. You can find it here. Some of the things I intend to do while on this earth are: become a runner, visit South America, learn swing dancing, drink more water and meet Joshua Jackson!!! An eclectic mix LOL.

My apologies for such a dull, pedestrian post. Such is my life just now, and I must say I'm somewhat relieved.


Pixie said...

I love your bucket list! Well, I could teach you piano and voice, R could teach you Gaelic, um... not so hot on the harmonica, you can visit me at any point, I will come and work in your animal sanctuary, join you at the strip joint if I could afford the fare, tattoos hurt - but I have always wanted a ladybird on my big toe, plastic surgery on what bit? I hope it is not your face, girl. I can say my name is Pixie in Spanish - guess that's pretty poor.

Blimey, I think a bucket list would depress the hell out of me. I'd be looking at it thinking erm...well that hasn't happened! May all your buckets come true! xxxx Pixie-love

Jen Daisybee said...

Congrats on getting past suicidal thoughts! That's something to be happy about, and always a good thing. I do not see this as a "pedestrian" post at all! I think it's wonderful you've been with Neil a whole year already, and you've written out your bucket list, which gives you goals and things to look forward to trying. I am sorry to hear about your gall bladder though. I hear that they are very painful, those stones, and the surgery is not much fun either. I wish you the best of luck with this, and hope you don't have any more attacks. It's good to hear your voice again, Lil. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

It is always so wonderful to be able to read a good normal post because that means things are going well. I hope you accomplish everything on your Bucket List. OH, and Gallstones are horribly painful so I hope you don't have another attack for a long long time. It's good to hear from you Lil.

Just Be Real said...

Your post is not dull dear one. I see encouragement in your words. Sorry for the gall stone incident. Safe hugs to you.

Jenna said...

Love your bucket list! Let us know when you have crossed one off your list. Glad you are feeling better. I think Pink is on tour soon? Maybe coming your way :)
PLus this is not a boring post - it si exciting to be thinking positively about the future and about what u most want to do!
Take care Xx