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Monday, November 23, 2009

and i'll be willin' to be movin'

Surreal though it is, I am all moved in. I feel kind of like a teenager leaving for college, without the frat parties and pillow fights, and with three nervous breakdowns and a mess of medications on my resume. In short, it's scary. No money, no family support, no hitching a lift wherever I want to go. I'm ashamed to admit that in my former daily routine my mom doled out everyone's various medications and vitamin supplements, including mine, and this morning when I had to lay out my own meds I thought I was going to cry. Pathetic!! The thing is, I KNOW I have to suck it up and cope, and I know that once I get used to flying solo it will be fun and exhilirating and inspiring (the way it used to be, back before the Mr Ex days). But this adjustment period is tough, you know? Being with Michelle is awesome, so that's one benefit, and this morning I got to work in less than half the time it usually takes. This is me, Lil, focusing on the positives...

Anyway, I am happy with how things are in the new place, everything fits (kind of) and everything looks good (mostly). Basically I have FAR TOO MUCH CRAP, and am planning to cull some of it over the next couple of months. One of the problems with living in large houses, as I've done for ten years, is that I never threw anything out -- consequently, I found a lot of things while unpacking that I thought "What??" Stupidly, one of the things I found was my quarter-written book about I. Oliver, and even more stupidly I re-read the thing and no doubt that contributed to my slightly dark mood. Decent writing, but such a sad time in my life.

We don't have internet connection at home yet, so I am having to check emails, blog, etc from work, so forgive me if I'm not around as much. I also am having issues commenting on Blogger blogs, for some strange reason - it comes up saying error on page. Hannah and Ruby Tuesday, I particularly wanted to send big loves to you both but have been unable ): I also can't seem to comment on my own posts, hence the clumsy edit situation on my previous post. Is this why people have been abandoning Blogger for Wordpress?? Can't say I blame them, as it's driving me to distraction.

(Linda Rondstadt - "Willin'")


Wandering Coyote said...

One thing about moving, it sure helps you prioritize your crap. Which I will again be doing in a few months...Sigh...

I'm glad you're settling in, Lil, but remember that transitions take time. You'll be soaring in no time!

Elizabeth A. said...

Good, clear and positive thinking.

Go YOU! Yay! Rah, rah, rah!!

That's how I feel after reading this post anyway.

Ruby Tuesday said...

Thank you for the love, my dear. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one suffering from 'too-much-crap-syndrome'! xx

Lady_Amanda said...

Hey Lil,

Sorry you can't write comments. I know you always check my blog and you will have something to say, but that's o.k.

I want to move out of my parents house too! I been applying for different apartment programs and expect to be in something by the end of 2010. However, like you, I have toooo much crap! I have moved a lot over the passed ten years and some things I have never unpacked, I just move them from the bottom of one closet to the bottom of a new one! I am slowly going through my stuff so I won't have all that to deal with when I get in my own place.

I am happy that you are so postive about your new place. The first time I moved out, after being diagnosed, I too had to figure out how to take my pills by myself. You'll get used to it in no time.

Thanks for the insightful blog,

Just Be Real said...

Lil, glad things are settling for you! Blessings....

Anonymous said...

Lil I hope you settle into your new home soon! Enjoy the unpacking!