Joy lies in the fight, in the attempt, in the suffering involved, not in the victory itself


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

closer i am to fine

10 reasons to be grateful:
  1. My brother had minor surgery today, and came through with flying colours. A full recovery is expected
  2. Finally finished my darn tax return and according to my estimates I should get a couple of grand refund. Enough to pay back my folks for the Great Child Support of 2009 and have some left over for my Christmas getaway-slash-runaway
  3. I finally got around to replacing my first and most loved Indigo Girls cassette tape with a CD (hence the title of this post, celebrating one of their best tunes)
  4. After finding out a few peeps at my new workplace consider me a) distant, b) bitchy and/or c) up myself, I resisted the temptation to get all BPD on their asses and start demonstrating Anger Mismanagement 101
  5. Also resisted temptation to quit and run away
  6. I think my hellish cold may be just that, and NOT (as I suspected) the slightly more malevolent cousin to swine flu. Can almost breathe without coughing now - hooray
  7. I have some wonderful new readers, and therefore some new blogs to visit! Hi there!
  8. Due to my dual citizenship with the UK I can almost get away with celebrating England's terrific win in the 2nd Ashes cricket test. Tho' I feel slightly guilty, their team is vastly more talented and considerably cuter than the Australian team.
  9. Yesterday it hailed so much here that it looked like SNOW!!! We don't get snow. Or even hail, usually.
  10. The new season of The Amazing Race starts the day after tomorrow (well, new to us anyway). My favourite thing is to groan over Phil's thrift store style outfits with my mom, and be thankful it's not me having to zoom through Pakistan/Russia/Laos in 24 hrs. Hooray for television in general, really. It's saved me more than once, especially this year.


Elizabeth A. said...

Colds suck ass. Tylenol, Chloratrimeton and real, meth making capabilities Sudafed. That's my "get through the day" combo.

Way to go on handling work in a constructive manner.

I think it's possibly blasphemous since I went to school in Athens, GA, but I really do not enjoy the Indigo Girls, but I'm very glad you are currently enjoying your new version.

tricia said...

I love this idea. Good news about your brother-- and the money. And the money. ;) Seriously, I may steal this idea from you. I may have to cut the number to five or four. Well, maybe just one. Never heard of Indigo Girls, but I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one who still owns cassette tapes. I'm glad your breathing has improved.

I'm out. I just woke up and haven't even had coffee yet so I hope I'm not embarrassing myself with this loooong comment. Gonna come back after coffee and see how bad this is. I hope you have a great week Liz. Your workmates sound like a bunch of dumb ducks.

Ari said...

Thank you so much for this post! I'm in such a low lately and this reminds me to be thankful of the little things. I may just have to steal this idea as well.

I'm also really excited to have discovered another Indigo Girls fan. I saw them in concert in May! As far as your cold I hope you get better. If you're really stuffy, Mucinex D saved my life when I last had a cold.

And as one of your new readers: a big hello!

Wandering Coyote said...

Great post, Lil. It's always a good exercise to list the good things going on in your life. I'm proud that you didn't get all borderline on your co-workers' asses, too!

Anonymous Drifter said...

This was a great list. I'm glad you have so many positives.

Lady_Amanda said...

Getting away for Christmas sounds like a good thing. You'll save the money until Christmas? With me, I always spend it right away. I have to work on that. I actually want to go on my first real vacation by by myself to Virgina, but I haven't saved the money yet and I have been talking about it for year. My best friend lives in Virgina!
You certainly had a lot of other postivies too, good to see.

Jennifer, aka beautiful mind, complex life said...

I like the idea of writing lists of things you're grateful for. I've done this a few times on my blog, and just the other day was the last helps to keep in mind the positive things happening in your life, rather than focusing on the problems that are happening. I liked your post!

Here is where my similar post is:

Take care~


Alison said...


Now why have I not found your blog before... how colourful it is with the header! I just found the link from a comment you posted over at someone else’s blog, your name attracted me. I don’t seem to find many other Borderline bloggers, unless they are all hiding! Even more so people in blog land who have tried and experienced DBT... I am really interested in trying that but am waiting a referral at the moment for my local hospital but somehow I don’t think they will have the knowledge on DBT. I did buy a book on it recently and was happily starting to read it during a recent hospital stay when a friend borrowed it but has since not returned it, I really must chase her up on that!

Ciao for now...


Ruby Tuesday said...

Excellent list! Well done especially on 4 and 5 x

keeperofthebutterflies said...

Music can be such an amazing thing. I was recently listening to the Indigo Girls again for the first time in years. I was delighted not only in their wonderful music & lyrics, but by the memory of how much I was reminded of how empowered and strong I felt back in the day when I was listening to them for the first time.

It was a good reminder; just as this blog post is!