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Monday, April 6, 2009

Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That

I have recently become enamoured of, after reading about Demi Moore thwarting a fan's suicide attempt. Not only have I started following some online and "real time" friends, I've also managed to net-stalk some brave celebs who have Twitter accounts. There are an amazing number, some more interesting and involved than others - Demi and Ashton are two of the more well-known Tweeters, I have also been reading updates from Ellen, Taylor Swift (bless), Mandy Moore, Rainn Wilson, Phil "Amazing Race" Keoghan and Stephen Fry. There's something strange and yet slightly comforting about it...the 140 character updates from people who obviously (like me) really DON'T have anything better to do right now.

If anyone wants to follow me, I guess you can just search BorderlineLil. Rest assured there is nothing thrilling over there that y're missing out on!

Which brings me to something a little more relevant and supportive in a day-to0day sense, especially for those folks just finding their way in the Borderline Personality Disordered world. Through BPD in OKC and her kick-ass blog, I found a new support site - BPD Haven. It's just starting out, ably mentored by Leona (herself a person coping with BPD), and I have been over there and registered. These things need input and activity, so I'd encourage anyone with BPD, or anyone who knows someone with mental health concerns, to check it out. Click on the link above, or type into ye olde browser

I'm determined to enjoy this last week of freedom before I hit the work trail once more. Spending time on all the boring stuff: "where the dickens did I put my work shoes?", "crikey, do ANY of my pants fit me?", "is it too warm to wear a jacket to work?", "where will I eat lunch?", "will I make friends mommy?"


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links-- I'll check them out. I hope your week is truly great and I hope you enjoy every second of it.

Hannah said...

will check out BPD Haven - see you on twitter!

Hann xx

Just Be Real said...

Lil, thank you for posting the link. Appreciate it!

BPD in OKC said...

wow... reading "kick-ass blog" describing my blog is a little strange, but thanks !


Polar Bear said...

Thanks for the Borderline resources. I'll have to check them out. Thanks also for visiting my blog.

preciousrock said...

I guess I'm a little slow, but I don't understand Twitter at all. I've been to the website but I'm lost. Duh! Hey, you'll do great at your new job. We're rooting for you.