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Friday, April 3, 2009

Meme - Six Things

Crikey. Elizabeth from Seriously tagged me and now I have to tell you six things and then tag others. I hope you realise I barely know six people around these parts, and I think they've all been tagged already. Well, I'll give it a whirl just the same!
  1. My favourite TV show of all-time is Dawson's Creek. The night the last episode aired I watched it over and over until the early hours of the morning and since then I've watched each episode (six seasons) in order twice. Sad.
  2. When I was six years old I met Queen Elizabeth II when she visited Perth. I was on the TV news (in the background). My teacher made us practise curtseying for HOURS but when the time came I kind of huched over like I had been punched in the gut. QE2 was very nice about it.
  3. I've been to the USA four times (which is unusual for an Australian, mostly we travel to Asia and Europe) and my favourite place in the US is Baltimore, followed close second by Las Vegas.
  4. I had a near death experience aged 7 when I developed peritonitis following abdominal surgery. My nanna claims I brought back an evil spirit which explains my bad moods, anti-social behaviours and love of the colour black.
  5. I only started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer a few months ago, having resisted the urgings of all my friends for many years. Now, of course, I love it.
  6. I absolutely LOATHED the movie Titanic and shouted out in the cinema "Just sink, for crying out loud, so we can all go home". Hate it. Really, truly, pathologically HATE it.

Probably some of these folks have already been tagged in this, but I'm choosing Kate at The Agonies & The Ecstacies; Tricia at The Girl Who Wears My Shoes; Teresa at Broken Pieces; Me at My Rantings; Ruby Tuesday at My Thirteenth Sad Day and myself at Last Chance Lil (hey, doesn't that mean you'll have to find another 6 people to tag? D'oh!!)

The rules:

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Write six random things about yourself.

Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.

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tricia said...

Well you didn't let me know you tagged me-- I just saw it in my reader. Should I go back and wait? :) I can't believe you didn't like Titanic. Did you realize Billy Zane was in it? Okay, I'll give this a shot.

Borderline Lil said...

Oops, forgot about that part! Billy Zane was not enough to save Titanic IMHO haha!

LoopyKate said...

Ooh! Looks like I've been given some homework! I promise I'll get around to it over the weekend.
Glad you're a fellow Buffy fan! I watched the first 4 series in French (used to live there) which somehow made them seem rather sophisticated. When I watched the next in English I realised it was really rather trashy! However, trashy or not, by then I was hooked. I still have the whole lot on DVD plus the watcher's guides!
Someone gave me a set of Stephanie Meyer's books for Xmas - they're of that teen-vampire genre. I haven't got round to reading them yet - probably a summer-holiday venture. 'Young-adult' but apparently they're quite compelling!
Thanks for the 'tag'. I'll see it done (soon)!
P.S. I love the idea of you bringing an 'evil spirit' back from the dead. If I were you, I'd befriend it, do a deal and see if you can't get it to go out and raise some hell with one or two world-leaders!

Borderline Lil said...

Kate, I love the fact that the French made Buffy more sophisticated! I can just imagine! I would have thought the geek-chic might not translate. I've never met a French geek haha. I've been meaning to read the Twilight books too, I think my adolescent nature means I will take to them rather well! Look forward to your meme xx

tracy said...

Thanks sooo much, Lil! i love learning things about the people i care about!
"Titanic"...boy, do i have a long story about that one. Suffice to say that my husband was working at the Mariner's Museum in Virginia at the time and they played on it perfectly by having a huge Titanic exhibit and of course, two dinners (the fancy one and thr "Real Party")...and my husband got to be the Captian...ha! He hated the movie and i never saw the whole thing!
i never saw the whole "Buffy" series, just a few epidodes, but did love "Angel" about you?
Thanks again,

tricia said...

Okay kid- I have the tagging post done. :)

Borderline Lil said...

Tracy, I've never watched Angel but I am devoted to David Boreanaz (from Bones as well as Buffy) so I'm sure I'd love Angel. Hey, are you planning on starting your own blog any time so I can learn about YOU?? Think about it!

mysadalterego said...

Buffy = love. I've been trying to get Tracy into it forever but she never listens. Maybe if enough of us...