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Monday, May 16, 2011

is this a hickey or a bruise???

I'm completely in love with Katy Perry's new song "Last Friday Night", which is where the title of today's post comes from. One of the other things I love most about the gorgeous Katy is this..

I want, I want, I want! Her new perfume is just the bomb. Luckily my birthday is next month and I've been dropping major hints to Neil haha.

While on the subject of cats, I totally love the new comic from Yasmin at Cat Versus Human:

This is EXACTLY how my friends react to my cat-fluff-laden house and clothes. But what can I say, I love Charly to pieces and if she wants to sit on my best sweater or sleep on my pillows, she is more than welcome! Thank heaven I found a man who loves animals just as much as I do!

Things with me are going okay. Still exhuasted and nauseous, I have an appointment with my GP this afternoon to find out the results of my blood tests. Am going to get an appointment with Dr Paul, my lupus specialist, in the next month or so (hopefully) to see if this is a lupus flare or something else. I had a great weekend, though, mainly because of the Eurovision Song Contest, which regular readers will remember me raving about last year. I just love it, lots of Australians watch it each year even though we're clearly NOT part of Europe LOL. It's kitsch, quirky and in bad taste sometimes, but some of the music is awesome and I love learning bits and pieces about other countries. This year's winner was Azerbaijan, who were one of my top 5 acts. Neil looked up Azerbaijan on wikipedia after the win and we learnt all about their independence from the former USSR, and that the capital is Baku and the population is approx 9 million. It's a Muslim country, and they were the first Muslim country to initiate voting for women (in around 1918, so years before the US or UK!). We're such a romantic couple, laying in bed googling hahahahaha.

Thanks for everyone's support over the last few low-mood posts. I'm so grateful for this blog, and the blogs of my friends, which help keep me moderately sane! I'm also grateful for my readers, of whom I now have 103!! Thank you for reading, commenting, emailing (-:

Things I love just now...

* Cats

* Neil

* Coffee

* Blogs

* Survivor's Boston Rob - bless his heart xx

* Adele's CDs 19 and 21 (anyone who hasn't heard her, look for her Brit Music Awards performance on youtube, it's just amazing)

* Buffy


Sairs said...

I'm sitting here right now with Moo [Missy has been shortened] fur all over me and I don't care either. She seems to sneak onto everything. She is so inquisitive. I found her in my shoes the other day but then she could be just being a girl because she likes bags too, though not ones I'd like. She likes the plastic variety so she can run in them and run them all around the room. It's hilaious to watch. My mum came over last week and we were talking and mum made a noise and I saw that Moo was in her bag, to which I politely said sorry and picked my little bundle of fur up and gave her a hug of joy [my mum annoys me and this was one little way of getting my way - cat fur, lol]. I shouldn't be so mean, but it was cute. Anyway, just letting you know thank you, for you know what and I'll send it to you know where! Okay, so I'm a little hyper tonight ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh how it does my heart good to know things are going well for you. The music festival sounds like a good time. I love finding new bands. So far I am addicted to The Temper Trap...are they Australian? I think they are. Anyhow, I am allergic to cats but I have a Pomeranian and can so relate to him laying on my purse or sweater. It is cute how they want to be so close to our scents. Makes me smile when I see him cuddled on a pair of dirty laundry happy as a pig in mud. Okay enough about my dog. Hope you keep doing okay and maybe start doing really good. Best wishes Lil!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you're still not feeling all that well. It is hard not having much energy but it sounds like you are coping well with the Lupus. God bless kitties and Boston Rob! I wonder what it is about Australia that has so many good things coming out of it--like you and Sairs and the very best of movies, actors, and music.

Anonymous said...

Cats can be such great therapy! Whenever I'm having a bad day I always go to the animal shelter to cuddle with some kittens. I hope that you begin to feel better soon! You're in my prayers!

Fallon said...

Adele's 21 is, in my opinion, the best record of the year. I'm a Gaga fan and will love her new album, but I have been playing the hell out of 21.

I'm glad you're doing so well!

Jane said...

Isn't it fun just to sit and google? I love it. It's like "hey wait a minute, what IS this anyway?" thanks wikipedia! Thanks other random website! :) Its cool that your man likes to do that too. Mine doesn't care, but I have a friend who will just ask questions with me all the time about the stuff we talk about.

Chantelle said...

Adele has so much soul and Katy has so much glam & heart! Love 'em both!
You have such an honest times it was like reading into my life.
New follower...~CC
I'm not Crazy! I'm Bipolar.

Borderline Lil said...

@Sairs - Charly loves bags too, she's always getting in them and running around, or rubbing herself on them LOL.

@Afton - I LOVE Pomeranians! Yes, Temper Trap are Aussies, aren't they awesome?!

@Linda - Australia does seem to be doing well with our exports. The main actor in Thor, Chris Hemsworth, used to be in an Australian soap opera haha, and his brother is dating Miley Cyrus.

@Madelyn - thank you for the prayers, sweetie!

@Fallon - I love Lady Gaga too. Edge of Glory is brilliant.

@Jane - Glad I'm not the only Google addict haha.

@Chantelle - welcome!! Glad to meet another Katy and Adele fan.